I still don’t blame you

I still don’t blame you

I still don’t blame you


Dear Sanchita,

Where do I start this letter? Honestly, I don’t feel like writing because my heart is so heavy right now but I am still going to write because it’s the only way I can feel little relief.

Over 2 years has passed and still I do miss you every single day. I went to bed dreaming you and me waking on a beach barefooted. I wake up next day feeling we are not together anymore. That’s when I hurt the most.

What you have done to my life? I was so full of life and not it’s all grey.

But it’s not like that, I haven’t tried to move on. I flirted with other girls even dated someone recently. Tried sober tried drinking but nothings seem works. I can’t forget your face, your touch… your love.

People still ask me about me and you and that’s when my heart cries but don’t worry I pretend everything is all right.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming you for my miserable life. It’s just I can’t stop loving you from inside.



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