Your broke me into pieces

Your broke me into pieces

Your broke me into pieces

Dear Poe, 
I see that you have long since moved on. I know you purposely unblocked me on Instagram just to post pictures of you and her being lovey dovey to rub it in my face. You were the one who promised me you’ll never stop communicating to me even after we ended. But, you did total opposite of what you promised.

After, 3 years of being with me how could you just cut me off completely like you never knew me. I’m still heart broken, even more heart broken when during when we broke up you came back to me and making me think we’ll get back together. Later I found out you was two timing me. You was talking to her as well as me too . You used me and now when you’re done you’re just gonna get up and leave like nothing happen. You might love her now but don’t forget you loved me first.

How could you fall out of love so quickly when we been in love for 3 years? I have countless questions I want to ask you, to get rid of it out of my mind. But, I can’t because you’ll never speak to me again. You hurt me way too much Poe and I’ve cried many many tears for you. You don’t care and I know you didn’t. I just want you to know that I’m not a toy for you to use I’m a living and breathing human being who has feelings. You call me toxic and try to shut me out even when I’m just speaking my mind. When I talk about her you would always protect her but when someone back then used to call me names in front of you all you did was laugh and go on with them.

I hate that you’re living your best life and you put me to live through misery. I need to learn to heal and not to give a shit about you anymore.

So Poe. Fuck you and go suck a dick!



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