To my ex’s girl

To my ex’s girl

To my ex’s girl

To the girl who dates my ex,
You may think everything is amazing now and it will be. But eventually something’s going to happen to make your feelings get hurt, you’ll mention it to him then he will tell you why he did what he did and that he only did it because of you and make you apologise when he should be the one to. Now your sitting in the middle seat and near him on the couch but there will come a day when you want to sit on your side and daughter away on the couch just because you want a little space, there will come a day when you put all trust and faith into him and he will crush you and apologise.

Yall will go back to normal but you my dear won’t be the same. You my dear will always have that thought of will he do it again, what did I do to deserve this..? How can I make it better.? You can’t. You will get yelled at for your feelings or not wanting to express them. You’ll get told you never appreciate anything and that you only care about yourself. After you do EVERYTHING for him. You gave him a place to stay, Fed him and even bought him the things he wanted/needed. No matter what you do to him you won’t be good enough. To him you have to change everything about yourself. And don’t let something happen that makes you change or have different views because he will not want to stay by you. Don’t let things get hard because he will run.

Sincerely his ex.


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