I was not a mother you could fuck

I was not a mother you could fuck

I was not a mother you could fuck

Dear EJ,

I know we did not break up in the most ideal of situations. It was over the phone, with you crying for a good half an hour. I put the phone down and went along my evening, which I do admit might be a wee bit of a cunt move, but we’ve been over for a couple of months at that point. You just lived in the fantasy.

I wish I told you how much I thought we were mismatched. I wish we broke up a couple of months in, instead of three years. I wish you treat your next girlfriend better than me. I wish you won’t treat her as a mother you could fuck. 

I wish I could’ve told you all of that to your face. But I am very much a fan of keeping my composure.

Hope you’ve matured ever since we broke up.

Not yours,
Moxxie the Warlock


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