Good luck

Good luck

Good luck

Dear T,
Today is the day you leave and you have no idea I’m gonna miss you, its been 2 months since we ended and I’m trying to get over you but it’s really hard too. You have helped me through a lot of things i may have never told you about, you probably think I’m crazy and that i will never get over you, i will get over at some point just not right now.

I’m really glad you’re trying to get your stuff straight, I’m proud of you. I know i cant be hung up on you forever but i hope we still remain close friends like we said we could. My favorite memory by fair after we ended was the car rides we took together talking and screaming at each other with laughter, thats something i will never forget. Colorado will be really good for you and i wish you the best of luck Troy.
Love, Pipett


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