Things I wish I knew

Things I wish I knew

Things I wish I knew

Hey Dude, 

What we had together was beautiful. From beginning to end, I don’t regret any of it. But I just feel like you deleted me from your mind as soon as things were over. I told you that I would still talk to you and be in your life if you wanted to. I guess you didn’t want me to be in it. It hurt at first, but I’m kinda glad the way it worked out. It does also suck that you and one of my closest friends got together like a week after we were over and now both pretend I don’t exist. But whatever I guess. I wish you both knew that I don’t hate you.

This all could’ve worked out, and I was never really mad that you guys are together. I’m just mad that I couldn’t be in your lives anymore. I feel like a piece of trash that’s been thrown away. You guys were my friends and I trusted you. But I guess you guys never really knew me, because you guys think I hate your guts. I’ve lost two good friends out of this. But things happen for a reason I guess. I just wanna let you know I’m always open to fixing a broken bond. But if you don’t feel that way, I’m doing way better without you ! You taught me what I don’t want in a boyfriend and a friend. So thanks for everything. This is goodbye to you both, I’m ready to keep moving forward and live my best life lol with or without you guys.


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