Hi Jericho

Hi Jericho

Hi Jericho

It sucks i cant call you baby anymore. No more good morning texts, texting each other 24/7. My heart hurts the moment i wake up because i know that’s when reality hits me. I love you more than anything and i’m proud to say i did. Sorry i had to give it to you the hard. You hurt me so much. My friends hate you and when they say anything bad about me i immediately defend you. Love makes you so stupid doesn’t it?  Anyways it hurts because today we officially ended it for good. I really pray one day you will find a girl who will love you more than i ever did. A girl who will send you funny memes and make you laugh. A girl who knows you from the inside out. A girl who could make you the happiest. Something i couldn’t do. It’s annoying how you want me so badly now when i gave all the chances in the world when we were together. Maybe one day we will meet as adults and reminisce about the times we had. By then you’ll probably be married with kids. Thank u for making me happy once.

I love you baby. You’re free now.


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