My mistake

Dear You, 

I guess I have so much to say.

I don’t know whether to be so angry at you or feel sorry for myself. I stuck around and I fought for our relationship even when your mind was on someone else. You blamed me for everything and you played the victim so well. I’m so glad everyone believed your side. You are the biggest snake I’ve ever met and I darn sure hope karma bites you in the ass.

I wonder if you ever look me up or think about me? If you must know, my life got so much better without you. I grew up and I became the best woman I could be. You will always haunt my past and my memories but you will never get the chance to hurt me again and that to me is a blessing. The fire in my soul will never be burned out because honey I just got started.

I hope there is a special place in hell for what you did to me. It only takes a man like you to leave a girl after she was raped and leave her during a deployment. If I had only known what a monster you would have become I wouldn’t even have given you the time of day. I found a new man. He’s everything you weren’t. Everything I BEGGED you to be. And looks like according to FB you are still a single fucking pringle. No surprise there. You gained like 20 lbs and your hair loss is impeccable.

Where’s your ego now hot shot ? 

That’s all I have to say.


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