Go fuck yourself

Go fuck yourself

Go fuck yourself

Just 3 months it took me after we broke up to realize that you were an awful match for me. I missed you, and I still miss how we were at times, but you were a fucking taker and I gave you sooo fucking much. When we broke up I told you that you weren’t a waste of my time, but I’m struggling to see the positives in dating you at all, ever. 

I’m on page 4 of all the shit I didn’t like about you, and I’m certain it’s not finished yet. You see, you are truly just a little, selfish boy. And I did absolutely nothing wrong. I told you from day 1 what I needed from you to feel that a relationship was mutually fulfilling, gave you a blueprint for my fucking heart, and you never once even tried to attempt to give me what I needed. So honestly, thank GOD you’re gone. 

I hope you cry. I hope you’re hurt. I hope you one day understand how much we could have had if you would have lifted a finger. The worst part of it all was that you were my favorite person. And your favorite person was yourself. 

The biggest regret I have is making you feel like you held the power in the conversations after we broke up. Stroking your ego. I wish you’d contact me so I could set you straight now. We are NEVER getting back together, and although I’m sure you think I’m waiting for you, it’s no longer for the reasons that you think. If you ever contact me, I’ll make sure you get the feedback you deserve. You weren’t ready for a woman like me. And I don’t think you ever will be. 

I hope to GOD that when you contact me, because I know you will, I’ll have the courage to tell you off and all the ways you fucked up. I hope you don’t think I want you back. I know you’re probably already seeing someone. A distraction. One day it’ll hit you. You’ll notice that the grass was properly maintained by me on our side of the fence and that no other grass in your life will every compare to what mine was, and what ours could have been if you would have watered it. You see, my grass was perfect when I met you, waiting for the right person to help maintain and grow it, expand outwards into a beautiful garden. And you came in like a storm of people at a music festival and left only destruction and garbage behind. That I had to go back and clean up to get back to the level it was at before you came into my life. Good luck out there. You have a FUCK ton to learn, little boy. Stay the F out of my life.

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  1. Cristina 1 year ago

    Oh my God, this is so what I am feeling right now about my ex.
    Thank you, you really made my day.

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