Hope you are always happy and peaceful

Hope you are always happy and peaceful

Hope you are always happy and peaceful

Hey, It has probably been almost a month since I last texted you, right?  The one who broke up first was me but the one who didn’t have the courage to let go was me. I really miss you, texting saying that being bored is just a stupid excuse for me to talk to you. We used to be able to say everything in heaven and on earth as good friends, but now when I want to say hello to you, I didn’t expect it to make such a childish excuse.  

I think forgetting you will be very easy but I don’t know when your words can remind me so well, maybe you really are like a little tree rooted little by little rooting into my heart, when it realized it was very deep plugged want to spit it will be very painful.  

So I chose to slowly fade away in your life like a mist, disappearing when the sun comes out. I’m a very strong person, you know that so don’t worry about me.  Maybe someday I’ll forget your name, forget that you used to care for someone like that.  Best wishes to you, I hope you will always be happy and will forget me like a person who once passed by your life?


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