You destroyed my life

You destroyed my life

You destroyed my life

I dared to be myself with you for the first time in my life and you crashed me. You used me and left me emotionally drained and devastated. I trusted you and I wish I had never done that. Why did you hurt me so much?

You said you did not do this to me… well you can say the words you want if they make you feel better about yourself, but the truth is that you did it to me, you destroyed me. We are what we leave in other peoples lives. You destroyed my life. You left pain and misery in my life. Because of you I am sick and lost hope in love and life. There is just not another way to say it, you just fucked up my whole existence, in every aspect. 

You made me fall in love with you to throw me away like trash when I no longer fitted your life or served a purpose. You let me down, I opened up to you like I had never done before and you used this to destroy me. You manipulated me and made me give up everything for you, then dumped me like a piece of garbage. I regret meeting you and allowing you in my heart and soul. I will never forgive you for what you did to me. How heartless can you be? Kicking me out of the house several time, being so mean to me, heartless… your mean words changed me, I am not myself anymore. And I kept loving you with all my heart. I am now sick because of you. Are you happy now? You pushed me away, created and kept the distance between us, made me feel worthless and small, made me feel unlovable… are you happy now that you destroyed me? I have been making excuses for you all this time, but there is no excuse for what you did to me. 

And I still love you, and I will learn to live with the pain. You had no right to do this to me, you have no right to destroy people like that. You think of yourself that you are great, decent, honest, have values and the best, ask yourself the question if great people do what you did… you kicked me out and did not even care to ask how I was, left me night after night in misery, you have no idea what you made me go through, all the anxiety, panic attacks, misery… while you were enjoying yourself and your freedom. 

You don’t remember my existence.

After you destroyed my life and arranged yours comfortably, I am not interesting and needed any more, so you discard me. You sent me into severe depression.

You are a demon, with no feelings or compassion. You don’t know what love is. I despair you, I regret meeting you and allowing you in my heart and soul. I will never forgive you for what you did to me. You don’t deserve to be loved, I hope you end up alone. I don’t wish you happiness, you don’t deserve it, this is why you have never been happy because you are a piece of shit who does not deserve to be happy and loved. What you did to me is unforgivable. Burn in the hell you created, nobody loves you, you piece of shit. 

You are a stranger to me.

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  1. Caroline 11 months ago

    This is just so painful and it feels like someone just wrote everything whats in my mind all through these years. Whoever you are I am hoping you find peace and love, care and treatment that you deserve. Your feelings are valid. I know whatever happened to you is not okay and it will never be. I really hope youre okay now.

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