To my ride or die

To my ride or die

To my ride or die

To my ex best friend,

I know this is supposed to be to an ex signifigant other, but this hurt just as bad. I just wanted to help you, and i tried to fucking help you but it clearly wasn’t good enough for you. In return of my help you told me you slice into your happiness with razor blades and think of me. You were my ride or die and now you make me want to do only one. and i’ll give you a hint…it isn’t ride.

My heart still hurts when i see you, the flashbacks and nightmares still flood my head every night and some how you aren’t affected at all. You didn’t get any consequences. but i did? I got the problems you caused. The rumors, the scars, the trauma.

I’ll still be here for you because thats just how you’re supposed to treat people. i don’t expect anything in return, hell i don’t WANT anything in return. Have a good life, hope it treats you better than you treated me.

Much love,


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