Thank you Levi

Thank you Levi

Thank you Levi

Dear Levi,
Never thought i would ever write you one of these. I want to say thank you. thank you for cheating on me so many times, for treating me like shit over and over, for getting me hooked on drugs, for saying it was a good idea i move away from the drug-accessible area we lived in and getting sober and then guilting me about leaving. You pinned our breakup on me, which isn’t true. you were a liar. You lied to me about everything. you cheated on me 5 times. Since you left me for another girl you started dating before we were even broken up, i started seeing my actual love.

I’ve known Eleanor for 3 years, first saw her 5 years ago and thought she was stunning. She’s so similar. We listen to music together and she likes the songs i serenade her with. She does the little things you never did. She gets up and makes me pizza and makes it the way i like, with the seasonings on top, when i’m too tired to do so. When El and i got into the car crash together, you and i were still together. I was pretty injured, my back is super fucked up. If you saw the xrays and how far my spine is from where it should be and where it curves, you’d feel sorry; only because you didn’t give a single shit when i was in so much pain. I tried to ask you to call me or text me, get my mind off things. the only person who tried to get my mind off things and help was her. She checked in on me constantly to see how i was feeling.

I want you to know you never had a chance once she walked into my life, which is no doubt why you left when everything was so good for you. I was GOING to leave you for her. When she texted me to say she didn’t hate me and to apologize for our falling out, I think i knew i couldn’t NOT be anything with her. Wednesday, she played a show. she loves music and is in a band, which is incredibly sexy. We play the same instruments and it’s awesome. I knew right then and there that i had to choose, you or her. I thought i was going to choose you, but you never deserved that.

Thank you for making the decision for me, because it’s awesome. My life literally couldn’t be better. I sleep at her house multiple times a week, i get along with her family, and that’s awesome, considering i couldn’t even go into your house. My life is awesome, i really couldn’t be happy. Thank you for ruining our engagement. Thank you for not getting married to me. I can do much better than you. I already have. If you see this, Levi, please don’t ever contact me again. You ruined my life, and since you’ve been gone my life has been good. She has treated me better than you ever did or ever will, and it’s because she actually loves me and doesn’t just want to be loved. So fuck you, and i hope you treat the next one with a lot more respect, honesty and loyalty than i got.


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