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Your playlist

Your playlist

I found your playlist. (By the way, I know this is a terrible way to start a letter, there’s just no other way how to do it. I’m sorry if this sucks. What I’m saying probably won’t even make any sense, but I just want to get it off my chest.) 

What I wanted to say is: you never really told me sorry for how things ended (or for how you decided to make things end). There’s a song, in your playlist I mean, that does it for you. Deep down I hope that it made you think of me, that the lyrics represent the things you could never tell me. Maybe, just maybe, when you listened to it, you thought about all the bad stuff you did to me. Maybe, just maybe, you felt guilty. 

I’m really sorry for how things went between us. I still think you are an amazing human being who deserves the world. I hope you can reach every goal you have set yourself and that you will always find the strength to overcome whatever obstacles life puts in front of you. 

Just know that whenever you’ll be feeling down, I will always think of you and love you, no matter where I am. 



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