I don’t know how to get over you

I don’t know how to get over you

I don’t know how to get over you

We were so good together, we were the “couple goals” in our grade and everyone shipped  us. We were best friends, but i guess we got too comfortable. We started fighting, weekly, the fights started lasting longer and longer and then you would come back one day wanting me to let you back in. Of course i did without a thought, because i missed you, you meant everything to me, but this recent fight has changed my thoughts, in 5 days its the 3 month “anniversary” of the start of it, and we still aren’t back to normal.

There was a few days where we would be on good terms but we were never 100%. The recent week its been our best, we haven’t fought at all and i thought we were coming around to start talking again. Then today happened. I went to class, you were there, sitting next to me, nothing happened, we didn’t talk. but there wasn’t any negative energy. Then at lunch you came over to me and said hi, it made me smile, and i thought about it a lot. After i got off the bus you sent me a text “happy birthday”, it made my day by a lot. I smiled so much because it was my wish that you would care enough to say it.

3 hours pass, you text me again, but this time its not good. you got all mad because i followed your sisters boyfriend, then without any reason you blocked me. I cried, for ages and ages. because i thought i finally had you back. The worst part was that you did it on my birthday. Tomorrow i have to go to class and sit next to you, i really don’t want to, because i know i’ll just forget about it and miss you again. but you constantly do stuff like this and break my heart. I don’t know what to do anymore.


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