I love u

LTME-postI just want u to be happy kim… I wanted so desperately for us to grow together that I pushed u away a little each time till I finally lost u… All I ever wanted was for u to do ur best and excell like I know u can…
I know my words don’t mean much anymore but I’ll say it anyway I’m srry and I love u
You don’t deserve any of the pain and sorrow I put u threw… I’m def feeling the hurt now

I pray to god that at some point we can reconnect and things can be how they they were and hopefully bttr…I just wanted to be the man I know I can be for u… You told me once. there was a point when u would have married me in a heartbeat and we’re ready to raise a daughter with me I can’t believe I let a liquid strip that from us 😔..
you used to come home happy from school, beaming to see
I miss that terribly

Until then I’m gona remember ur smile,you laughter, the good times, even when u use to just mess with me and the the thing that made me fall in love with you…how I felt when I held u…the peace, the serenity the one part of the day I wouldn’t worry bout one thing

The whole time I’ve been writing this Ive soaked my pillow.. I’ve been crying myself to sleep every night

the pain I feel is such a change from the happiness I felt with ur smile when I held u … I hope I can see it and be the person who gives u it again so much more… I’ve always said u were the one person I wanted to marry That’s never changed and never will…
I’ve surrounded my self with fake friends and people who will never make me happy like u did, all they did was help me looses the one person I’ve loved The only person I felt that could be my soulmate.

I love you Kimberlynne Lum Blake you were my bettr half and I’m srry
For everything
Always ur Stinky


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