I’m just a broken glass..

I’m just a broken glass..

I’m just a broken glass..

Dear Hwajang,
Today is 30th November 2020, 12:24am midnight. I cry so much like I used to, everytime I miss you. Call me crazy that I haven’t heard from you like years but i still can’t forget you. I hate myself so much that I become this weak. I wish you all the best, my love. We have known each other since 2011. One more year, it will be our 10 years anniversary. It is so funny and stupid that I think all about this. I wish that you will move on and marry a nice girl who love you like i do. I wish you have a cute baby girl name bella like you want our baby girl name. I wish you be a great daddy and live with them happy ever after. It’s hurt so bad to wish you all these but I love you so much so I have to.. let’s you go to let me live… To let me move on.. to forget you…

I used to think that one day we will meet and you have waited for me all a long. We get to know each other again. We fall in love again. And we’re getting married and live happy ever after. It’s just a dream that i don’t want to wake up from. Do you still remember me after all these years that we’re parted? You used to tell me that you will not forget a girl name Maffy for the rest of your life because you love me so much. You said that I am your guidance angel. Your birthday is coming up. I wish you all the best Hwajang, especially be healthy. You used to wish me on birthday very early because you will the first person who wish me on my birthday. I remember well. I remember one more thing that really touched my heart the most. When you force me to go on a date with a guy, love him, get married and have a baby so you can move on and get on with your life. It hurt me at the same time a bit happy. I feel so confused. Because i think that i might be so important but what hurt me is that guy is not you when i all i want is you instead. I’m tired of crying so much everytime I miss you. That feeling come to visit too often. My heart broken all over again and again..  i can’t move on. That’s suck. I wonder if you miss me like miss you or not. Why I can’t stop loving you???? Whyyyyy???? You broke me so much why can’t I move on? I wonder if you hurt like me or not? I just miss you so much. Every sad songs remind me of you. Just so you know, I’m still very broken.


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