I hope one day we can be friends

I hope one day we can be friends

I hope one day we can be friends

Dear K,
I hope all is well. I know sometimes the things I say can be translated in unorthodox ways. They may come out as mean or rude when that is not my intent at all. Perhaps having something to look back on will help. You can burn this, toss it or keep it. It’s entirely up to you. 

Looking back, I realize how silly and foolish I acted when we last spoke. I should have slowed down and actually thought with my head, instead of letting my emotions run mad. I didn’t mean to blame you, i just did a really poor job of handling the situation. I said things i regret, and that weren’t true. I’m sorry, you must feel so hurt and broken by how i spoke to you.  

I started taking your advice, it was good advice. I restarted V-Shred and its going great. I’m getting out, going up north with the guys every week, meeting new people, getting “in’s” with people at Shelby. Believe it or not, i started taking vocal lessons (God knows i needed them lol). I should have been more supportive and understanding towards you. I got caught up in myself. I’m happy you found something you enjoy. I’m sorry, i should have trusted you more, and supported you like you did me. 

I wish you nothing but happiness and success, both at work and the gym. I hope you find the life and person you seek. I understand why we are apart, and i know the roll i played. I apologize for the damage i have done. I hope one day we can be friends.

Love ya kid,

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  1. k 3 years ago

    this wasn’t written for me, but somehow it gave me closure, his name began with M and mine with K, thank you.

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