I wanted to believe you

I wanted to believe you

I wanted to believe you


I wish you had been more upfront about what you were looking for with me. We could of kept our hearts( or at least mine) out of it like we did the first month when I knew you were supposed to move. Man I so badly wanted things to work with you. Fucking quarantine love eh. I just wanted you to make me also a priority in your life. Where my time also mattered. I felt like it’s your way or the highway and I had to fit only in to your schedule. It pissed me off. Making plans for date nights and dinners and then rescheduling multiple times a week. I get ready, or go shopping for dinner items come home and see those texts. It was also my time… 
There was no reason to tell me you loved me if that just wasn’t the case. You made feel like it was safe to love you… And I really didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.. you just happened. I just feel stupid for allowing myself to fall for you cause it hurts not having you around. Not to mention.. the amazing shower times, hot tub times and titty light shows hehe. I dream about our summer together, the first river day and that drunken evening standing out by the horse pasture with our shitty tequila.  Miss you always my sweets.

I wish you well-



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