Why did you do this?

Why did you do this?

Why did you do this?

I honestly don’t know why you did what you did. We were on and off for 2 years and I don’t know why I let you manipulate me. The FIRST time we dated, you hurt me in the worst possible way. A lot worse than how you have recently. You raped me and made me think it was my fault. Convinced me that “I wanted it.” But I didn’t know screaming and kicking, and crying was “wanting it.” You took everything from me, at such a young age. I still say I’m a virgin because it doesn’t count unless I consented.

And as if that wasn’t already worse, I found out I got pregnant, with your kid. I know this kid wouldn’t be loved the way it should, and foster care sucks. And no, I didn’t get an abortion. I fell down the stairs, on purpose. Knowing what it would do. You have controlled my life and everything that happens around me for years.. and I’ve let you. But not anymore, cause I knew you were getting worse again. And you would rape me, again.

I’m so glad I told your mom. I’m so glad that you’re in a mental facility. But the nightmares still haunt me. I had nightmares, for 3 months straight. And I just know when you get out of that mental facility, you’ll come back. You are never going to leave me alone. So that’s why I have to take matters into my own hands. I will send you the link to this when you get out. And believe me, when I say this if you come anywhere near me, I won’t hesitate to tell the police what you did. And I know you’ll say, “Are they gonna believe me, or you, the daughter of an inmate?” The cops I plan on going to are smart. They know that I wouldn’t mess with the law because I’ve talked to them before.

I don’t love you. And I wish I never had. Oh, and don’t think I’ll make an exception for you if you do turn out to be better. I’m not gonna let you manipulate me again.


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