I wish you stayed

I wish you stayed

I wish you stayed

Over all the hours I spent making paragraphs, and so did you Chris. You left it was 4 AM and I was asleep, how could I have stopped it. I loved you dearly even if you didn’t and boy, it hurts. we lasted forever and you left so quickly without an ounce of hesitation and now you’re over me. But you meant a lot, you made me smile every day and i found light in my darkness.

The relationship was hard to keep up with but it definitely kept me. Now you’re gone bro and I can’t get you back even if i tried with all my energy you gone from me and you didn’t even care. Did you even like me? That’s the question. Or maybe i was an asshole with no life like your friends told me, idk. But i loved you and no one could stop it but your LEFT. I miss you so much that i cry and it hurts.

I used to light candles for you and counted how long it lasted just to see how long we lasted. I am so sad to the rate that i just stare. Your soul was perfect and you made me feel more than i deserved and i miss that feeling, i miss you. Please come back love i know you don’t want to but i do and i need you. I love you Chris I hope you’re doing well. You’re more than perfect.

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  1. Chris 3 days ago

    I know that I am not your “Chris” but I came across your post looking for a friend who is hurting and for a brief moment I pretend that I was your “Chris” .
    The last thing I said to was “I will always love you ” and I’m sure you rolled your eyes.. I knew that we were not going to last and it took me so long to see that I was the problem…
    I have started a relationship with the God of Abraham, through His Son Jesus Christ and you and your family are in my daily prayers.

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