Love doesn’t feel like tears

Love doesn’t feel like tears

Love doesn’t feel like tears

Dear You, 

I wish I had left you sooner, I wish I realized how unhealthy our relationship was sooner. I look back now and I can’t believe that I let you put my though so much.  I feel like such a mug, I let you burrow over £2000 and I am never going to see that again when you got triple the amount of money I did. 

I should have left you a long time ago, I should have left you when you thought it was okay to hit me and pull me out of the shower as you thought I was cheating on you but you blamed it on your mental health and I stayed.  I should have left when I couldn’t even go to the pub with my friends anymore because you made me feel so upset about going out. 

I should have left when you refused to get mental health help because you wouldn’t pay £15 a session and just blamed it on the system. i should of left when every time I said nothing was wrong you would start screaming and shouting at me, and following me around and I told you not to do that but you never listen. I begged for you not to shout at me, but you never changed and would cause me to have a panic attack because you would shout at me and follow me around.  I should have left a long time ago, but I was in love with you. 

I should have left when you would say you’re broke yet spent money on useless stuff.  I should have left when you thought it was okay to answer your phone to a girl I was concerned about you talking to during sex. I wish I left sooner, I wish I saved my heart from the pain and left sooner. 

I feel so much happier now that you are gone, I don’t have to worry about what I do or say, I have friends again, I have a life. I just want my money back.


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