We’re not a failed relationship

We’re not a failed relationship

We’re not a failed relationship

Being loved by you was a grateful chapter of my life, I know things are hard right now but I promise you everyday is a great day! 
I pray that you seek your relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ! 

Alam mo naman yung cliche quote na “Everything happens for a reason” Yes, that happened to us and the real reason of that is – “Everything happens in God’s will” because He knows everything about us! 
God has a better plan for us, He is not done yet!

Please remember that we are not a failed relationship, we learned new things while we’re together, we’ve gone to great places, and the best thing was – we made each other happy during our times together, And now give your time to your mama and pamangkins.

In time every pain and sadness will be healed, we’ll be able to love again! Don’t forget that you’ll always be my cake.


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