Sweety Pie Apple of my Eye KJT

Sweety Pie Apple of my Eye KJT

Sweety Pie Apple of my Eye KJT

Dear K.J.T, 

Hey baby girl it’s your chunka munka, we’ve been done for no longer than a week now, and I still haven’t been able to handle this pain its almost as if my heart was ripped out and stepped on. The break up was suddenly and fast. I didn’t have one single chance to save it because of you had your mind made up already. Me loving you to the fullest I allowed it and listened to you. I had no intention of ever losing you we met at such a perfect time when both of us were young and lost. Even though I was a year older you always were the mature one. You molded me and I molded you… you are my rock my soulmate my everything and beyond. I write this goodbye letter to you because every last time I see you you’re just sick of me and I can’t bare but want to hug you and kiss your soft lips. But my heart aches more and more seeing you happier without me. I truly wish you found or find what you’re looking for. I just want to ask you if you know where your mind is made up and someone still takes it from you what do you do then? I write this as I cry and lay away. I have so much pain no anger but pain, we have so much that still connects us and I can only be saddened and grateful to still have a connection with you.. Te amo con toda mi alma mi vida. I will always you Karla, I will always be your baby, please cherish our moments together. 

Love Eduardo.


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