Open letter to my ex

Open letter to my ex

Open letter to my ex

I’m so tired of you playing the victim.  But that’s what you do…You have all of these people fooled… Including your family.

I hope you do find someone that can deal with your constant moodiness, defensiveness, rude and the unwarranted way you treat others, including little old ladies that bump into you with their shopping cart by mistake, or anyone that tries to be conversational out in public.  

Hell, you can’t even keep a job long term because of your attitude and the way you talk to and treat people…Hope she prepared for that!! 
Instability and marriage don’t go well together…That’s the reason I haven’t been in a hurry to marry you…Keep a job longer than 9-12 months; And you’re welcome for the job you currently have…Don’t forget about how you got that.

Let you tell it, I haven’t been there for you or haven’t done anything for you either, at all, in the 8 years we have been together…

I’m tired of your prejudices against others. Your negative outlook towards everything. You treat most people like shit, on purpose, then turn around and wanna quote the Bible; Saying you’ve been forgiven already and GOD’S not done with you yet…

I believe they call that being a hypocrite.  

No, I don’t want to go to church with you! I can’t take you seriously…I see you and how you treat others; Including your own flesh and blood. 
Bet they don’t know that I’ve tried to get you to be more involved in their lives… The only time you take interest in them, is when you’re mad at me! The only time you post on FB is when your mad at me, seeking attention from others…Pity Party

I can spend 365 days /nights straight with you and that one time I do something other than be with you, everything I’ve done prior to that moment, means nothing. 
You attack me and try and convince me that I did something wrong… Take a long look in the mirror.

I hope she doesn’t have children, or at the very least, ones that don’t come around often, because you won’t like them either… They take time away from you; A distraction.  

I hope she doesn’t have any friends and only looks to you for her everything… Unable to have ANY time to herself! 

If she does, hopefully she’s prepared to get rid of them for you, because that is the expectation you have. She will be made to feel like having ANY personal interest outside of the relationship, is wrong.

Goals and aspirations, forget about those; Again, taking too much time away from you.

I hope she’s prepared to pick up after you, because you think it’s her responsibility to do so… Barefoot and in the kitchen, isn’t that what you said?

I hope she’s prepared to be the reason for everything that goes wrong in the relationship, because you are perfect in every way… 

She’ll never get a word in because you will talk over her and not listen to her, or if you do listen to her, during a time when you are being nice, (usually it’s because you want or need something) you will throw it in her face, to hurt her with, when you see fit. Up to and including trying to embarrass her publicly.

I hope she’s prepared for 1 position…ONLY! What you call it, the lazy way…
I will say that tongue action makes up for most of the monotony…I’ll miss that for sure… But honestly, I don’t even like that with you anymore.

And your credit score…

You’re shady AF, working under the table but still collecting unemployment so you don’t have to pay CS! That is going to catch up with you sooner or later…I don’t want that type of smoke attached to me.

I hope she can be there as long as I have, and still be ok. 

Oh yeah snagapuss, getting false teeth is like putting lipstick on a pig, it’s not going to change your spirit… You just might smile more while ruining lives…

And I do know that you been taking to D about me and my friend…Gossiping like a bitch! Aren’t you 60 years old?! 
Grow the fuk up already!

I wish you the best Narc


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