Here Goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing

2 years ago I broke up you thinking I made the right decision. You don’t need to deal with my emotional self anymore, you’re free! You can be happy again.

But my biggest secret… I broke up with you because I started loving you. I started loving the way you laughed, the way you would smile and call me the cutest names. I wanted to hear that everyday. I wanted to talk to you everyday. I wanted all of you. And I was scared of that. But I was scared to show my true colours to you. Crazy right?

I have a boyfriend right now but even then, you were the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

I’m a terrible girlfriend, and I’m glad you never witnessed my bad sides. 

I always look back to those happy moments, but thinking back, I don’t regret my decision. Because I know you are much more happier now. I would have held you back from who you became now. And I’m so proud of where you are in life right now. So fucking proud.

I’ll always love you, R. Always.


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