You broke me but that’s ok

You broke me but that’s ok

You broke me but that’s ok

Beloved Tanzeel. 
See I wrote your name and there are tears in my eyes. I know you’ll never find this letter. And if somehow you did. Yeah you won’t I know. I want to let you know it’s okay whatever happened just happened. I love you still. And I’m going to love you forever. I don’t care what you did to me? okay. it’s Just I was dumb to believe you. I thought you were loyal And honest too. But that’s okay! You taught me a very beautiful lesson. I’m not here to tell people you did shit to me! No. I wont do that ever. 

Just want to tell you I loved you with all my heart and soul. It has been 3 months of our break up and I don’t see my love fading. You know I’ve been trying a lot to forget you but I just can’t. May be I won’t Ever. But one thing I learned in this whole time Not To Trust You Ever Again. I’m Parting my ways from you like Forever! I’ll never talk to you. I’ll disappear my existence from your life. I’ll Live with this fact that You Never Thought of me like something extra ordinary. I was just an ordinary girl in your life like others. But to me you were my whole world. “My Life”.

Anyways I Wish All The Very Best In Your Life! I will hold no grudges from you in my heart! How can I? You live in my heart! You’ve buried yourself alive in my heart! So Darling see the world! See people! Meet new girls! Observe People. And Find One! And Be Happy Forever.
We Are Over my Love.
I forgive you. Go Live! 
Don’t Come Back Ever.
I Love You. 


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