Thank You For The Lessons

Thank You For The Lessons

Thank You For The Lessons

I know you will probably never see this but… I want to thank you for the lessons you taught me. You taught me that I ultimately deserve better than what I got from you. You hurt me in many ways and fooled me into thinking you were my forever when you turned out to sadly be a part of my past. I know I wasn’t always good to you either. But in the end, I treated you better than you did me. I gave you all my time and effort and I felt for so long as if I never got any of your time and effort. I ran to you with my problems to simply be ignored or left on seen or read in the long run and it was not fair. When I told you that you could come to me and talk about anything I was always serious and you knew that. But I never got that in return and it felt horrible. You ultimately taught me that you never really know a person until your relationship with them fades away. I’m grateful for the lessons and the memories but I would never want to relive them again. 

I hope your video game career you’ve had for 7 years one day actually goes somewhere and you become successful with whatever you choose to do and whoever you choose to be with. Just know no matter what manipulation tactics you use you’ll never get me back because no matter what you say or do to win me back it won’t work. I’m done with you. 

GoodBye Forever- L


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