The “Go fuck yourself” Post

The “Go fuck yourself” Post

The “Go fuck yourself” Post

Was that your letter that you wrote? I could copy and paste that entire fucking thing, change “girl like me” to “guy like me” and boom! No difference at all.

Wondering how you are doing with if. I am two months in and still wouldn’t reach my hand out if she was drowning in front of me. Been trying to make peace with the fact that narcissistic people, in comparison to those of us with a soul, have zero guilt over what is taken from those they rob……even if it is as extreme as their life….

Satan, (or as I used to refer to her, “Babe”) has claimed one life already by suicide after their relationship ended. The second notch on her belt was far closer than anyone will ever know. I decided to hit the books hard though and realized that I had actually been the victim of an extreme narcissist. It absolutely shattered my heart to find out that none of it was because of some deep pain that could one day be relieved, but simply that this person had no soul, so nothing she did actually made her feel bad.


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