I don’t know why you keep coming back to me after you’re really mean to me. this time you used the motherload. “i wanna ask you to be my girlfriend again”. that sentence petrified me. i got so scared but my mind started racing with so many expectations that deep down, i knew wouldn’t be true. i thought you’d take me out to dinner, you’d bring me flowers and chocolates like you used to and maybe you would. but i’d also have to deal with the fact that your friends would come first than me. i’d have to wait for you while you come back from work and either sleep on the couch or be with a person who you say hates me. i feel like you only want me for sex. i know when you said you’d do anything you didn’t mean it. but god damn it do i wanna be your girlfriend again. even if it meant having to deal with the pain and suffering that came with it. i know deep down that i deserve better but i dont know… i wanna try yet again even though i know i’ll get the same outcome


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