To Ein

I really wish I could take back most of what I said. But I can’t I just want you to be happy I guess and I was upset when you weren’t happy with me. I’ll apologize for saying you were a shitty person but I won’t apologize for saying that you led me on and lied to me the majority of our relationship. You never should have gotten with me if you still had feelings for your ex. I wish you never said you loved me cause I got attached and I wish I didn’t have to be a rebound again for someone I hope you just find your path and are happy without me, who knows if you even miss me. Not like it matters lol you’ll never see this I’m just ranting at this point. I guess what broke my heart the most is when you described everything you did with her it was so clear you loved her more than me still and I could never be her for you. It sucked so bad realizing that I couldn’t be close to you because you wouldn’t let me. I wish you were ready but you weren’t. And I took the fall for it. I just hope you’re happy. Even if I’m still heartbroken over it. You blocked me out of your life. I guess you didn’t love me like you said you did. but here I am. left in the dust by a boy again.


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