Last letter to you

Last letter to you

Last letter to you

This is me writing a last letter to you. Everything we have gone through this 2 years really opened my eyes to a life lesson. Sure, the truth is I hated you. But maybe that hatred saved my life for many times. If I don’t hate you, I will continue to damage myself in a way that you won’t favour.

It bring me to a realisation that you don’t owe me anything, let alone be responsible for my happiness. It my own responsilibity to make myself happy. When you hurt my for the first time, I should know better by then. But I did this to myself, I stay and let you hurt me more eventhough you have showed me that you are not worth it. You never cared for me. Well, I think you have your own demon to deal with too. 

I won’t say that I don’t blame you at all because that is a lie. I do blame you, just not for everything. I see everything so clearly now, hence is why I am returning you. I don’t let you go, I return you to where you do belong. And maybe that is place is hell. We never know what hell have to offer for people like you, but I am sure it’s piping hot for sure. You are the devil and this is me returning you to where you belong. I want to have nothing to do with you ever again. Goodbye.


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