I’m sorry for what I’ve done

I’m sorry for what I’ve done

I’m sorry for what I’ve done

Hey Sophia, 

It’s me, Boogars, I know we were together for 7 years, it was rocky and we’ve gone through a lot of things. I put you through a lot of stress, heart break, kept secrets from you. I’m sorry I should’ve been up front with you on how I felt about our relationship, about how my feelings were falling apart. I’m sorry I didn’t spend all my time with you and what little free time I had I just wanted to spend it at home resting. I felt that you didn’t understand working two jobs was killing my energy. I understand that you want to spend time with me when you’re not working and when I’m not working. You could’ve just let me rest while you were there with me at my place. Being with you had its ups and downs just like any other relationship but I felt like I could never live up to your expectations, I felt like I was competing against your Asian drama main characters. You told me you wouldn’t be dating me if you didn’t like me. I know I did you wrong by talking to another girl while I was still with you. I should’ve told you that I wanted to break up before doing that. I left a bad impression on you and I can only imagine how you must’ve felt. It’s been a year now since then and that’s not something you could get over right away. You don’t need to talk to me anymore but I just want you to know that I do miss you at times, I don’t deserve to be loved by you but I do hope that you and I are okay now. I wish you the best, always, even if the best isn’t me I want you to be happy. You’re a very smart girl, always standing up for yourself, you’re resourceful, caring, loving and you deserve the kind of love that you give out. I loved you and always have you in my heart but deep down I know I’m not for you. I want you to know that the things I learned from being with you is helping me become a better person. Please remember to always keep breathing.


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