To J.M.G

To J.M.G

To J.M.G

Just found all the messages you’ve left me over the last couple months and it saddens me that after all this time you still don’t understand how much I cared about you. The last time we fully spoke you shut me out when I all wanted to do was be there for you, you didn’t speak to me for days and forgot about me on my birthday. I never told you how truly hurt I felt about that, you were the one person I was looking forward to talking to and you forgot. Even after all this time that has passed I still remember your birthday.

The fact that you thought I didn’t care when it was you who didn’t hurts me a lot. I just wanted you to try harder, I wanted you to text me one last time even call to tell me you still cared. Yet you didn’t, instead you completely cut me off and that hurt still lingers every March 24th when I think about how much I miss you. You were the first person I’ve ever clicked with so fast, you were supposed to be my person even if we didn’t last I still wanted you to be in my life as a friend. I texted you happy birthday yesterday and you didn’t even know it was me. I know I’ll never forget about you but I’m definitely moving on. No more birthday texts, no more random late night messages or calls once every couple of months, I’m done.


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