Whacked on block

Whacked on block

Whacked on block

You ended it so quickly, I don’t care what you say you ended it for an entirely different reason than the one you gave me. Just because I wouldn’t let you fuck me!
Give me one good reason why I should let a man anywhere near me that freely admits he has no feelings for me, that it was purely physical, I was so close to actually agreeing to it.
All those nights we talked every night for hours on end meant nothing?
I used to think the sun shone out of your fucking arse that’s how blind, stupid and naive I was.
There’s no doubt in my mind you’ve done this to countless women over the years. All the time you insisted that I be 100% honest with you whilst you never afforded me the same, sometimes it was like talking to a stone, cold no emotion and the mind games………there were times I’d think my head was going to explode from second guessing you or overthinking because you were vague.
The sarcasm that you gave and all of the little digs that were wounding I let go of because I cared so much, I now know it was gaslighting, neglect.
Your inability to deal with serious subject matters or relationship problems when you told me that I was no longer “fun” to chat with, you’re 49 for gods sake and you act like a big kid.
A big kid that thought with his dick that’s you.

They say the opposite of love is not hate but indifference as live and hate go hand in hand.
I pray that my heart stops aching that I stop waking in the night with tears streaming down my face, I pray that I stop thinking about you, I pray for indifference.


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