To my baby

To my baby

To my baby

I still remember the day I fell for you. Back in 2019, you were wearing a dark blue shirt. You looked so amazing. I fell for you the moment I saw you. I was smiling all the way back home. I only used to see you on sundays. I used to wait impatiently for Sundays to arrive.And one day you came to know that I have a crush on you. And then you started looking at me. For me it was such a great thing. And this went on for about an year. Your looks were enough for me to get happy for the rest of the week.

Then came the pandemic. I was terribly upset because I couldn’t see you any more. I had no contact with you. Those times used to be horrible for me more than you can ever imagine.

As time passed we somehow became good friends. Then in 2022 we came into a situationship. Then to a relationship like a relationship. I was so happy that I never thought even in my wildest dreams that this boy one day will become my everything.

It was just an year after my worst breakup that you came into my life. You made me believe that I am worthy of love. You were always with me. I was so happy… I can’t explain how being in love with you feels like.

All were going good. You made me believe all your promises.

But idk what happened between us. It was all of a sudden. I know you have got ur own issues to deal with but I feel like you never tried for us. It was always me.

And today we broke up. I am feeling so alone. I have got now no one to share my happiness or feelings with.I am broken completely. It feels like a part of me is missing.I just want you to come back and set things right between us. I am tired now. My love for you will never ever fade away. My heart will always beat for you. But I think its your turn now. I hope you will come back.


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