I deserve better

I deserve better

I deserve better

You try to hold on to me, but it’s over. It’s really over. You made me believe that I was crazy over and over again. You have stolen a lot of my time and played with me. You made use of my goodwill and my excessive feelings of guilt. I tried so many times to fix things between us but you didn’t want that: you just wanted me to shut up and go along with your lies. I don’t. I am more than my guilt and my willingness to please. I am better than that. I want you out of my life because I want to be with someone that really loves me, whatever that may mean. Someone honest, that’s certain. Someone that doesn’t try to distort the truth. Someone worthy of my trust.

Please go. We lived beautiful things together but this is not sustainable. Go find your happiness but don’t take mine anymore. My love is for me now, and only for me. I am not on this earth to please other people and I won’t take any of your lies anymore. You don’t deserve any explanation, because you will just use it against me. Don’t disturb me anymore. I really tried but you didn’t want to listen. Do whatever you want but without me. You were on my mind all the time. I desperately wanted things to be right between us but now I just want to live my life. The only reason I would want to talk to you is to listen to your apology and to hear that I was not crazy after all.

Go. It’s over and don’t contact me, you’ve had too many chances and you really fucked up.

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  1. B 1 year ago

    Who wrote this I got a know it sounds like so familiar the wordings and everything

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