I wrote you a letter here a few months or weeks ago.. saying how much i hope you’d regret losing me.. now 7 months after we last talked, you never ever tried to reach out, contact, talk or just say hi to me. You don’t seem to be regretting, you don’t care about how i’m doing, how’s my life going, you’re living your best life with your new girl and getting tons of money from your work…

I now have the certitude that you never cared, i was never ever important for you and that you are so blind to not see my value and how much i loved you. Don’t get me wrong i don’t want you back, i just want you to regret and regret leaving me.

You don’t even see who i am, all the love i gave you, how i put you on a pedestal, how much you learnt from me. Where can you find a woman like me? Beautiful, smart, speaks many languages, can cook, can paint, can sing, can make podcasts, who prays for you, who supports you in everything, cherishes you, writes poetry for you, who loves and respect your family and friends, always here to give you advice, and to be with you against the whole world.

You don’t deserve me and never ever did. I repeat you will never ever have the opportunity to have the honor to talk to me. F you man. You still in my mind after all this time
And you’re probably planning your marriage or whatever and i’m here thinking about how you’re doing and all that stuff
I’m really silly and stupid
I’m sick of checking out your whatsapp everyday to see if you changed your dp
I’m sick of you being on my mind everyday

I have a hard time believing that you truly don’t give a dam about me, that you don’t care
I know you live your life without thinking about me, i know that you forgot me totally already, that you don’t care at all and talking to me again would never cross your mind and i’m here stupidly writing about you..
that is so unfair.. i hate it and i hate you
I don’t even know why i allowed you into my life in the first place …


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