Good luck Charlie

Good luck Charlie

Good luck Charlie

To Charlie,

Good luck. Really, I wish you the best. But I hope whoever you curse with your presence next doesn’t love you as much as I did. 
I hope whoever is next fucks you over, leads you on, makes you feel like shit.
Maybe then you’ll feel an ounce of how I feel.

You really thought your house mates, your precious football, hell! Even the tv was more important than ME. YOUR GIRLFRIEND.
Well I hope they fulfil your needs, hope they come running to you when you’re upset over something they didn’t do, hope they coddle you like the child you are, hope they put up with your shitty behaviour.
Because I’m done. 

You blocked me? Well done do you want a sticker? When I said I wanted you gone that’s what I meant. Ironically it’s probably the first time you’ve ever done anything without me begging you to.

I have NIGHTMARES about you kissing and sleeping with other girls. Silly me! I forgot that I was doing charity work being with you, luring you into a false sense of desirability. Sleep with as many girls as you can! Just remember you can stay in as many hotels as you like, but once you check out, you’ll likely find that your house that you cared for is gone. Bulldozed. 

I hate the fact I’m happier. I hate the fact I no longer am hospitalized due to the stress you caused me. Maybe 2 weeks ago I would have killed for you to stay. Now I just want to kill you. Actually no
I don’t want to kill you
I want you to live your sad little life, balding and getting fatter, while the only thing that gets bigger is your ego. 

Hate is a word that connotes effort in emotion 
I’m not wasting effort on any more emotion towards you.
If I see you, just know all I feel is pity. Not for you. For me. 
I feel embarrassed that I lowered my standards for a rat like you.

Love from Mariella x


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