I’m almost over you

I’m almost over you

I’m almost over you

Hi Bubba, 

I just want to write a farewell letter to you while listening to this gem break-up song. I know that I am over you and that I am now somehow happy with my life. I am doing well at work and people still loves my crackhead jokes and quirkiness.

By the way, I stalked her last time and I saw that you finally got together. Maybe she is really the one for you. I was just the lesson that you had to learn before being happy. I just want to say that I envy you and her. You fought for her even though you were still with me. Honestly, when I knew that you were cheating on me with her and I made you choose, I know that you will always choose her. 

I am kind of sad and betrayed but still, you deserve to be happy. I just really hoped that your happiness didn’t cause my misery. Anyways, I am over you now. I am living a happy life and I am loving myself more and more. I still stand by what I said, I will never, ever love anyone just how I loved you. This is not because you are special but I just don’t want to lower down myself again for anyone. 

Be happy and please get what you deserve. This letter does not mean that I forgive you and that I am giving my wishes for both of you, none of you deserve it. 🙂 I just want to say that I’ll live my life to the fullest without you and I will be the happiest even if I don’t have you anymore. 

Good luck and I hope you won’t experience what I had to go through when you cheated on me.


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