I love you

I love you

I love you

Hey Puffins,
If you come across this letter. Then maybe you’re looking for me the way I was looking for you.  Even though we broke up last year, I’m still in disbelief.  All the signs were there, you became distant, quiet, and some how were “too busy”.  It hurt, but I thought with time maybe you would miss me.

Of course, I didn’t wait, I’ve been through this before so I stayed open to other people.  We did say we would try to be just friends.  So why did it hurt when you told me you met someone?  That you were in New York and meet them.  In my heart I knew I didn’t mean anything to you anymore.  But I kept hope that maybe one day I would.  Because I like the man you are.  But I understand that you cannot love the woman I am.  

This letter is a secret from my heart.  Because I don’t want to admit I felt this way. After all, you deserve better.   And I am not really good for anyone. But I really wanted to good for you at least.  To give it one more try.  Instead I have to never speak to you again.  So you can be happy.  I imagine you will have the best life ever now.  And the person you are with will make you happy.  That part doesn’t make me sad, just wish it was me.  But you deserve the world, a love like your grandpa, and to have someone to love who you can be open with.  

I love you Friðrik, very much.  And care about you a lot.  Even if you are mad at the things I said, the person I am, and for being hypocritical.  I wish you the best, and hope to see you again with your wonderful new life.   

Bye, puffins.


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