A forever place in my heart

A forever place in my heart

A forever place in my heart

I’ve written this letter a hundred times. There’s nothing new for me to tell you. We haven’t been together for over 10 years and yet… 

We were young and I know it wasn’t the easiest of relationships with the fights and jealousy and insecurities. But it was also passionate and fun and exciting. You broke my heart in the worst way and eventually we crossed the bridge to a space where there is forgiveness and respect and maybe even some kind of friendship. 

I’m scared to admit it but I haven’t completely erased you from my heart. I see you or speak to you and somehow only remember the good. I have to remind myself it wasn’t perfect and together we weren’t the best versions of ourselves. 

I’m hoping that by penning it down, I will be intentional about accepting that you may still be in my heart but you will be in the smallest corner creating the littlest of disturbances from time to time that I will ignore. But I won’t let you have any more than that. 

I wish you happiness and peace.


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  1. Anonymous 7 months ago

    All the very best to you.

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