Can we come home soon?

Can we come home soon?

Can we come home soon?

To a past best friend,

Another day, another year, yet I still prolong forgetting your existence. You’re always there, always on my mind, sitting beside me in silence whilst I dwell on our past without your guidance. 

You deserve the world, no matter how much sorrow you put me through. You have taught me more now that we are no longer together, so I’m writing this to you as a thank you letter.

Thank you for all the memories we shared over the past 8 years. Thank you for being my best friend, thank you for being somebody that I could trust, thank you for always knowing how to make me laugh and put a smile on my face, but most importantly thank you for helping me to live in the moment, rather than wishing my time all away. 

I hope that someday we will have our time again. But this time I promise we will make it right. Can I please come home sometime soon poopy?

Your past best friend


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