Hey Zinc,

I’ve never really thought of how to even tell you how I’ve truly felt. I’ve been afraid that what you tell me is all.. a joke. You say you’re in love with me, but maybe you say that to everyone. It’s just a joke right?

I thought that maybe I’d have a chance. That maybe you’d somehow like me. You’re confusing. Don’t tell me you’re in love with me and say you’re not the next day.

I’m only distant and cold because I’m scared of being hurt again. But you wouldn’t do that right?. I’ve known you for some time now but It feels like there’s so much you that I’ve yet to discover. But hell, you’re not in love with me right?. You don’t like me, right?. I wish I could just get over you, but I’m stuck with these unbearable feelings for you. It’s just so hard. 

I’m in love with you. Please just understand that.

I’ve been thinking about things for a while. I’m kind of stuck. You say you’re in love with me. I know if I left for a day you’d be over me. You don’t need me. You’re not in love with me. Hell, who would have those feelings for me. 

I wish you would just ask me to be yours already. I’m tired of waiting, crying and overthinking everything. Please just tell me if you’re interested. You say you love me then say you don’t. Do your “I love you’s” mean nothing? They mean the world to me. But you say that to everyone? Am I just another close friend to you. You make me seem like more. 

I stay distant and cold because I don’t want to be the one broken again. Are you joking or serious, I can’t tell anymore. Don’t play with me, if you’re not serious about me like I am about you.

Darling, I’d give you the world just for a kiss. Millions for a touch. I’d jump if you told me to. I’d do anything for you. But would you ever do that for me.

Maybe I’m just overthinking it again, right? Because that’s all I ever do.

But.. it’s hard not to when I’m in love with you.


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