Thanks for your present, fuck you.

Thanks for your present, fuck you.

Thanks for your present, fuck you.

LTME-postWell hello there welcome to my amazing new life!

I have found the real love of my life and I don’t even know how I once could thing it was you. I love him so much and he really treats me like a princess. We are living together and actually gonna get a cat soon. How are you doing with your barely-legal boyfriend? I think I know why you love him so much, because he is easy to manipulate. Just like you once manipulated me. Yes I am still angry at you, and as much as I want to let it go, I can’t. I am happy now though, and having some one to be angry it actually isn’t so bad.

There is another thing I want to talk about. Thanks for your little present you left me. A nice lingering STD. It’s not AIDS, but Chlamydia is fucking annoying. But you probably don’t even know you have it. Remember when we had to go to the hospital because you thought the medication for your vaginal fungus thingy had a bad reaction? Yeah know, it was the Chlamydia hurting. That’s why I got it after you. I actually infected my boyfriend and trough that I found out I had it. I should tell you, I read everywhere. But honestly I don’t want to have any contact with you ever again. So I probably won’t.

Yeah so apart from that little present, my life is going pretty damn great right now. You should see the view our apartment has, and also. You should see the amount of money my boyfriend has. I think his father is richer than yours. HA HA you filthy golddigger. I don’t care about the money, I just love him. So don’t think that’s why I’m with him. I only found that out after I got into a relationship with him. He is funny, adorable, bad ass and all round amazing. I can’t wait for the rest of my life with him. I hope he’ll ask me to marry him soon, because I want to be his, forever.



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