Fuck boy

Fuck boy

Fuck boy

LTME-postDear Fuck Boy,

My life is so much better off without you. I’m finishing my CNA class and am entering a body building competition. Like is so much easier without your abuse. You didn’t turn me into you! I could be a cold heartless bitch that fucks guys over but I’m not. I’m still a good a person and I never would hurt anyone the way you hurt me. I’m sure you have a new girlfriend, when were you not with a new girl, but she’s just a toy like all of them. You could find the perfect woman and she will you because your unloveable. No one can truly love an abuser. In a way I feel sorry for you because you will never find true happiness. I’ll probably never see your train wreck of a life once they come off, but narcissists never get their happy ending. I hope can forgive you. I know your mom abusing you is why you are a sociopath. I truly hope you get the help you need, but that won’t happen. You are a damaged and choosing to become more damaged. I hope I can get to a place of acceptance and move on. I tell myself it’s 2018-it’s a new year. You are last year. Even though the abuse was never my fault, I will take responsibility for my happiness and healing. You are a fucked up individual. One day you will fuck over the wrong bitch and she’s gonna Stab your ass! I won’t truly be happy until I know some bitch tried to stab you. I don’t want you to actually get hurt, but I hope she acts crazy to you like you did me.

Bye Felicia

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  1. Babe 8 months ago

    I feel you. But there is no valid excuse for cheating or breaking our heart. But then, let’s just be strong to continue lifeeeeeeeee 🙂

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