Time to let go

Time to let go

Time to let go

To my ex, I’m so happy that I got to meet you and date you. I needed you in that season of my life. Some of my happiest times were with you and I loved you so much. After everything, all the hurt and pain I felt from what happened and all the things I found out I just want you to be happy. I always have. I could never hate you even if I said I did. I just wanted you to learn from your actions and hope you felt guilty for hurting me. Your happiness always meant the most to me. I wish I could send this to you hoping you’d feel the same. I loved the times we shared together. I’m sorry if I was harsh when we broke up, I just couldn’t get over all the pain you caused me and I couldn’t understand why you did it. I’ve grown so much since we last saw each other and I’m sure you have too. I know you have a girlfriend now. I hope you treat her well. Don’t break her heart or repeat your mistakes. That’s for any gfs.

I also hope you don’t hate me or think badly of me cause I don’t know what reason I would have given you to hate me. I only think of all of the good stuff when I look back. I loved you. You were my home once and I’ll always remember that.

Goodbye Ned.



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