Old perverted narcissist

Old perverted narcissist

Old perverted narcissist

Dear Stephen,
When I first met you I believed all your bullshit stories about how your ex had walked out on you with your son. I felt sorry for you and wanted to protect you and make you happy again. I thought we were just friends. Then you attempted to ‘groom’ me. Which you did rather successfully at first. Once you got what you wanted that was it. I saw the real you. I walked away from your grasp, but now you want me back in your life when it suits you. You have sex with me one night and then the next you’re chasing tail half your age! You really are a dirty old perverted man who likes little girls. What does a 48-year-old see in a 24-year-old? What can you possible have in common? Oh that’s right… I forgot… You will sleep with anything.

No standards do you.

Worst of all are the crazy women you bring back to your home where you look after your son??? And then walking off down the road at 1am for three hours leaving your boy all alone so you could get some!!! I should have rang your ex then and told her what a piece of shit you were. But God forbid I do that because you’re still in love with her. You can’t handle the fact that she walked out on you and now her life is better. I watch you pine away over her and so you think that by screwing all these other women you will get even. No honey, all you look like to me and my friends is a dirty old egotistical man who thinks he knows it all when in fact he knows squat due to all the drugs and alcahol you fried all your few braincells that you had left!

So what if people think you look younger than your age… They obviously haven’t seen you first thing! And I’m pretty sure your skin and looks will shrivel up just like your other small attribute. I stand by what I told you many years ago. You will end up a lonely old man in a tin shed in the bush with nothing but your dogs and their fleas to keep you warm at night. I won’t let you bring me down anymore and refuse to hear about or watch you slaughter another woman’s innocence with your depraved sexual ideas about women. I am using you this time, and you will be the one begging for my friendship, and when you need it I won’t be there like you weren’t for me asshole… Which btw, maybe you should stick to what you know best, being another mans bitch. You take it better than you give it.


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