Honesty and openness was the answer

Honesty and openness was the answer

Honesty and openness was the answer

It’s pains me yes, I always told you the beautiful life we would have. I always told you how things should be. Yet you couldn’t.  I said I know things get boring and your mind wonders, but if you were open with me I’d let you be in the quietness. Loving you was my biggest wish, and all I wanted was an unbreakable bond. One that other females would be jealous of. Because no matter who you messed with, I was the queen in your castle. But you turned and flipped it.

All I wanted was to give my kids a beautiful life and home and u messed that up. All the in between times that u play those games I wish you could be real about it. Nothing matters not your past not all the women not who accepts us what matters is where your focus is, can you be the best man, confidante, partner, parent, and stand up for me through it all? And that is what counts, I’m sorry that your life was ruined bcz of me and my kids being burdensome.

You have chosen and shown me now what’s more important, you’ve had many chances but instead choose to disrespect me each time. This time I’m dead inside towards you. And the only thing that’ll make me change is you under my roof and we know that won’t happen. Please don’t expect me to ever consider you cz when u had to you chose to put your kids in positions that they feel unwanted. You could be great but bcz of everything you involved in u are a monster keep living your nightmare


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