Can we try?

Can we try?

Can we try?

You really are something else hey, I sit and wonder did you fake all those years? How is it so easy for you to jump from women to women? Dont you get tired of pleasing different women, and remembering what you lied about and making me out the monster? Is it nice to not have responsibility, not pay for anything,come and go as you please and just be the real you?

I want you to know i have someone, that i have been keeping on the side just like you have, and you do know him, but he is not on social media, he does have a chin beard, and he is not in the streets up and down but he is well known in the streets. He also knows you, he knows what you do and he is watching and listening to the things you say. Maybe this time around you will feel what it’s like to go for the people that so close. JUST LIKE I COULDN’T TRUST YOU, maybe KARMA really is a bitch!

Anyway, he is so humble, caring, funny, and knows exactly how to keep me in my place. he knows how to tell me straight what needs to be heard. You won’t see us together ever, we planning this good. Maybe we will end up together maybe we wont. Bt we have this open good relationship, we tell each other everything, literally, if he has a fetish for another women, he tells me, we chat about it and I let him do it. and boom, life goes on. We have our time, we have alone time, kids time, and friends and family time. His baby moma is amazing, they are very well in tuned about you and well prepared.

This time around you going to get sacked HEAVY! Your shit is going to hit the fan, eventually. And I am sorry, that I will be there and do what you have done all the years, you chose the opposite and chose to humiliate me, well I am going to want to do the same as I want to feel like you I want to be like you.

Things could have been easier, but you made it difficult. I let him read every message, every email every thing from the day we separated so that he fully understands, how hard I fought for you, and you just didnt love me at all. For years you made me out to be the monster, and I was your excuse for very wrong thing. I believed in you, and thought highly of you. And as much I wanted to believe you were telling the truth along came the evidence. I know everything, every bit of it ALL, and just like you do, I needed a man that will stand up and protect and fight for me. HE IS THAT ONE!

I had to let go of the other one he wanted to do wrong things and that’s not me. I had a big heart for you and no matter how many times youd hurt me I’d still take your part. Now you, have showed me colors I’ve never seen. As much I thought the past year was a gain for us, you were there and we were having the best relationship, but you were only using me for knowing whats going on. You have proven to me you cant just be friends or be civil with someone from the opposite sex, and you have proven to me you are able to sleep with women and think or feel nothing for them at all.

YOU are a disgrace for a man. And I wish I never really married you. I really wished you would turn out my prince but you were nothing close. I have no memories to share, or experiences because when you love someone you go out your way for them you havent done anything. NO DATES, NO Sunsets, No me and you time, No flowers, No Gifts, No I love you’s, No standing up this is my women, No holidays, No supper, No date nights, No strolls on the beach, No holding hands, No leading me in prayer, No dancing in the kitchen making food, No massages, No how was your days NOTHING, NOTHING THAT I CAN REMEMBER OR THAT I AM HOLDING ONTO AS A PRECIOUS GIFT THAT YOU BOUGHT ME! and that is sad actually, that there arent even any pics that I can say this is what we had, everything was only all about you, your drives, your work, your hobbies, your sport, etc. 

P.S, please dont do this to the next women, settle down, and I am not jealous, because the person you are now is not who you have been, the sacrifices you make now you could never do for us, so i cant crave what I never had, I just wasnt good enough for you, but someone else is, and i hope you make her feel every ounce of it. 

Sometimes all i wished you could do is come to me hug me tightly and tell me i’m sorry for every pain i caused you, sit with me and watch the sunset and walk away like its the best conversation we both had.



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